‘To eat is a necessity, but to eat food from one's hometown is to get a taste of home’ - Gnama Africa

The Name GNAMA

Gnama means "food" or "to eat" in Camfranglais language. Camfranglais is slang based with words borrowed from French, English and various indigenous languages of Cameroon. It is the language of communication in multilingual and multicultural regions of Cameroon. The word Gnama is mostly recognized in Cameroon, but also in the French speaking Central Africa subregion. Apart from the name closely matching the concept of our platform, we also chose it because of the inclusivity of the language it’s derived from. The language has borrowed words and is for everyone, Gnama is for everyone, it’s for Africa.

About US

We are children of the African Diaspora, ours may have been by choice but the longing and ache for a taste of home is still the same. In pursuit of prospective opportunities, none of us fully comprehended what exactly we were leaving behind when we passed through customs.

To be a child of the Diaspora is a battle of 2 worlds, the prospective opportunities vs home. We find ourselves often forced to trade one for the other. We believe food can be the rebirthing of home, wherever that might maybe, a reconnection to our roots. A practical way to help generations that have chosen or will choose the same path to have a taste of home. Lest the very food that was ours to begin becomes foreign.

Not only are we children of the African Diaspora but we are also professionals in the Technological industry. Aware of the advantage technology & digital transformation provides in helping to solve problems or invent useful tools, we started the Gnama Africa Project. One disruptive technology we mostly interested in is Blockchain. There’s a huge misconception about the term blockchain. Often when people hear blockchain they automatically think of bitcoin or cryptocurrency & digitized currency. Blockchain is far more than that and can benefit all actors along the food value chain in various ways hence it is the heart of our project.

The philosophy behind the project is to reconnect the African diaspora to their roots by making their hometown food accessible wherever they find themselves. In acting for the common good we aim to free all the actors from existing platforms that have transformed food economic activities into monopolistic activities

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